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Welcome to the new normal & Join the Working from Home Revolution.

When lockdown happened our clients and their businesses needed to adapt to the change.

Sound familiar to you? The HOAM POD was our solution to our clients professional office space in the home and it could be yours too….

Now that remote working has never been more relevant than it is today. With the increased demand from our customers for garden rooms and offices, we have launched:

The HOAM POD - a bespoke multi-purpose room built in your own backyard. We want to help make it possible for you to have that extra space you need at a price that fits your budget and adds value to your property.

Visit the HOAM BUILD website for more info 10 Benefits of having a Garden Office: 

  1. Commute time - When you have your office in your garden your commute time will reduce drastically & no rush hour traffic

  2. Cost savings on office & rent

  3. Away from the city - noise, pollution and crowds

  4. No more 9-5 routine

  5. Balance home and work life

  6. Increase property value 

  7. Work with your pets

  8. Weather proof and warm

  9. Isolated private space which can be universal for other use

  10. Cleaner

We can build to suit any requirement

Office space | Gym | Extra living area | Garden Bar | Art or Music Studio | Yoga Studio | Gaming room | Cinema room | Storage | Indoor spa

Half Office and Half Living Space. Who else needs a multipurpose space like these ones? 

(Images from Pinterest & bottom right picture/last photo is a finished HOAM POD built by HOAM BUILD LTD)



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